On May 3rd we will open the beta to the first users

April 28, 2023

On May 3rd we will open the beta to the first users

After doing several tests, preparing the application and checking that everything is OK, we are ready to open the doors little by little to the first users.

As you know, for now we are in a very early version of what we want NotifyWave to be.

For now we will only be available through a web site and you will only be able to trigger notifications with Webhook and On-time triggers.

But with this you will be able to, for example, integrate NotifyWave in your terminal among many other things. We are looking forward to see what you do with our App.

From May 3rd we will be sending emails to the first LICENSED users to give them access to the application.

If you want to access as soon as possible, get your license (below) and you will receive the invitation very soon.

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