Website Analytics for Open Companies

MetricsWave is an open company, and if you are too, this is the perfect tool to monitor your web traffic.

Share your Dashboards with everyone

We are sharing our traffic with everyone. We have a public Dashboard, where you can see where the visits come from that arrive to our landing page, languages, etc.

We also have some private Dashboards where we measure user behavior and can analyse the release of new features and even detect possible bugs.

MetricsWave allows you to create as many dashboards and widgets as you want, organize them as you like, and decide whether to make them private or public. It's very easy!

Share your Dashboards with everyone

Some Features

That as an open-company, you'll love <3


We don't store any personal data from the user. We keep the minimum necessary.

No Cookies

We don't use any cookie so you don't have to show a banner in your site.

Fast loading Script

Our script weighs only 1 KB. That's 45,700% less than Google Analytics!


Your business is not the same as others. Configure your dashboard as you need.

Choose the plan
that fits your needs

Start for free, and upgrade your account at any moment.

All plans include:

  • 100% data ownership
  • Forever data retention
  • No cookie banner required
  • GDPR law compliance
  • Unlimited support
  • Cancel at any time
  • All features available