Say hello to stats! 🎉

June 6, 2023

Triggers Stats at NotifyWave

From now on, NotifyWave is more than just an application where you can set up various notifications. Now you can use it to measure the usage of your applications.

You can use NotifyWave, and call a webhook every time a user registers in your application and, inside the trigger, you will be able to see, at a glance, how many users have registered each day or month.

Or you can even go further and record all visits. It is a way to respect the user's privacy and, at the same time, have statistics of how many visits we have each day or month.

One more thing, right now we are exceeding 100 notifications per day and that's even though we are still in a very private beta with less than 20 users, right now.

That's good, that's good news, but we'd like to know how you are using NotifyWave, I'm sure we can make the service even better! Drop me a line at and we'll talk. You can write to me in any language!

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